Googling the Googlers: A Day Well Spent

It’s just a regular day when I saw a brief information about a one day job. It said that they need someone to accompany some foreigners to a market, then I came up “Ohh, maybe it will be an activity to accompany some expats wives, hmm why don’t give it a try?”. I simply forwarded my resume I had in my email to the address listed. I didn’t feel any excitement about it at first.

Not long after that, I got an email informed that I need to attend the interview, and which honestly took place in a really far far far land. “Duh, it’s so far and I feel like a bit lazy, but eh, why don’t give it a try?”. Okay, then I finally attended the interview which was nice but terrible. It sucked out loud, I did something crazy at the interview, I was bad at demonstrating a role! The saddest part is the interviewer said that the people we have to accompany are googlers! (Geez! Wait! What? Like… really?). After that, I didn’t feel like accepted. I failed.

Couple days since the interview, I got a call, it said that I GOT THE JOB. Thank God! I mean, I wanted to buy a new glasses, and I needed something to afford it, ahahaha, so I was so excited about this one-day-job and plus, I could have a chance to interact directly with the googlers! What an amazing chance!

That was April 7th when we did briefing at McDonald’s near Fairmont Hotel. After a short brief, we headed to the hotel and met the 37ish googlers. They are in marketing position in Google from many countries, such as Brazil, Germany, USA, Argentina, Australia, Czech, Turkey, French, Japan, and many more, AND they are mostly YOUNG (about 20s-ish)! Woah, inspiring people I could get surrounded by.

I will admit that it’s difficult for me to open a conversation in the middle of the crowd, like they were talking to each of them enthusiastically so how can I jump to that? “No, this is madness”, my introverted self tried to talk to me. But again, I slapped that bitch off at that time and started to approach a Japanese person named Wateru (If I’m not mistaken) at the hotel lobby. He has been working in Google for more than 7 years, he’s a bit old but I can say that he’s still young.

Then I hand-shaked this Brazilian guy named Jean, he looked so active, but I didn’t get a lot of chance to talk to him. Not long after our short first meeting, we got into our two buses so we needed to separate into two. I got into the first bus, it was fun in the bus, we talked a lot about everything but mostly about our daily digital habit, favorite music, and another fun stuff to talk about. There I met Matt who sat on the back, Ana, Elizabeth and Uri.

Arrived at the market! They are not my group (Photos belong to Bardjan)

I was the guide for group 1 and I had like 8 members of the team. If I’m not mistaken and if I still remember, my team members are Michael, Nico, Jens, Amudin (I don’t know how to write her name correctly), Gabriella, Wateru, Suzanna, and Matt (Oh gosh, I’m terrible at remembering names, so sorry if I forgot any names).

It was so hectic at the market, like the other member wanted to go separately, it was so crowded and you (and your group) became the center of attention at the market, people there started to tease and call you and any other things that could happen. But I’m as an Indonesian, still proud that we could feel the warm interaction we had between the people who sell and buy, like we used to have and always have.

Actually the purpose of going to the market is not just that simple, they as marketing people need to have more knowledge, also they want to learn about Indonesian culture. And Joyful Cooking Class offered a fun way to learn cultures! By a cooking class! So we’re at the market for the purpose of interacting with local people, knowing their activities, having better knowledge about Indonesian food and recipes and surely the background story of every dish they’re going to cook. Such a fun way to learn, right?

Before we got back to Senayan (ah, they are really in a tight schedule so we kind of in a hurry) some of us got a picture of ourselves

There were two guides, Bardjan and Ryan, friends of mine. I wasn’t there, I was searching for missing members. (Photo belongs to Ryan)

On our way back to Senayan, we had some fun. More sharing about lives and goals, also did silly things like Snapchat silliness? We talked and talked and talked about each other’s experience that maybe I couldn’t get from other people, mostly I talked to Ana, beside she’s so fun and friendly, she also sat right next to me. We did contact exchange so we still keep in touch for one or another reason. When we almost arrived, I talked to Elizabeth and I found that she’s a great person. Ana and Elizabeth asked me to meet again at dinner. So I would make it. Well, technically they would cook at the afternoon, and have the dinner after. So we would have the dishes they’d make.

Bardjan and I got back to the train station using GrabCar (I’m not endorsing), then we needed to go home separate ways. I was so tired but amazed. How lucky am I to get a chance like that? I’m blessed. Then I took a power nap to prepare myself going to BSD (Depok-BSD is a far way, plus you need to use the train, mostly took 2,5 hours total time). I kept thinking at the train on my way there… thinking about how happy it made me and how would I keep up with the crowd situation. Like…you’re gonna be in a crowd of people enjoying conversation while you don’t really know anybody. I would love to slap this introverted bitch inside me again who made me nervous, “Be mature!”.

It’s like a dream party for me, I’ve been in a several party before, but this one seemed like my type of party:

  • Held in a house
  • As simple as chit chat, music, food and drink
  • We had good quality conversations

Unfortunately, the party was really quick, like… I only spent one or two hours there I guess… Still need more time to prolong the conversation. I had a great conversation with Uri about how the interview he had when he first joined Google, how is the relation between advisor and you that would affect the future of your thesis, how we hate raw fish so we don’t like Sushi. Then I had an amazing talk about spiritual life with Elizabeth, and talked again to Michael who has lived in Estonia which is nice because I need that information about Estonia. But they needed to go back to Jakarta. Ehem, they had another fun agenda. And therefore I needed to go back to Depok, luckily I could go home with Ryan and Yulia. Another help I got. Nice to have new friends like you guys, Ryan and Yulia!

It was really an amazing experience, I never think about interacting directly with amazing people like them this young. It’s not about how am I amazed with Google as a big company, it’s about surrounding myself with creative genius people like them. And I admit that it’s really a rarely-unique experience at this very age. Again, I’m so blessed.

Last picture with Elizabeth before saying “Until I see you again”. (Photo belongs to Ryan)

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