What You Should Do If You’re in A Mix-couple Relationship with Indonesian Woman

Having someone as a partner is really a great idea and an adorable experience, especially you love that person. Love is a part of life that always cope our lives, and also a ghost that we can’t control. Love both can blind and enlighten you.

As a young adult Indonesian woman, I’m enjoying my relationship with western man so thankfully. Really glad that this universe had met us in an odd way. But eh… No matter which way as long as it’s made special for you two, it’ll be fine. Then again, this magical way won’t prevent you from the conflict in between.

Indonesia is so diverse, we have many islands, cultures, food, norm, and other things. But, we are united by our truth as the eastern people. Yes, we consider ourselves as eastern man. And, we preach it high! We’re proud of it. I’m really glad that this situation makes us still stick to our identity.

There is other thing that matters. The different perspective between eastern and western. The difference between this could end up into conflicts and the worse part is break up.

When I say the difference, it doesn’t mean a huge thing like ideological preference like president’s party, economic difference, neither a physical thing like geographical problem or skin color. This big conflict starts from daily basis. Treat.

I won’t mention a thing here about how my man treat me, I’m definitely gonna mention about how I am seeing this life, as one of any other Indonesian women:

  1. I wanna be well informed. I don’t mean that I’m so demanding, I just wanna make sure that I won’t left clue less. Dude, we’re living this long distance relationship, and I just wanna hear you sound safely. If you’re busy, just text “I’m busy now, cause…., can’t talk now”. Is it that hard just to inform this to stop us wonder and hope like a puppy waiting for its bone? Please don’t just ignore it.
  2. Loyalty means loyal act. We give all of us, including our mind, our time, our energy, our focus only for you. We actually don’t ask the same as we know you guys are men having that “empty box” in your head while our brain consists of wires. But please, don’t share the intimacy to others, especially other girl we clearly suspect to as boyfriends’ taker. Intimacy I mean is the intimate selfie pictures (Geez, for Indonesian women, profile picture is really important, therefore you can’t replace it with a self pic with other women we are sensitive too), higher meeting frequency than what we have in this relationship and any other things.
  3. A simple “Good morning, honey”. Is it hard to write it? Or say it? Then again, we don’t need that stupid jewelry, well I actually don’t need that jewelry. Come on, woman is not a gold digger, love digger yes we are. Just say it sincerely often, then you’ll be on top of our priorities.
  4. A plan, not a “spontaneous” plan. Women naturally have instinct to plan since they will become a core of family. They plan everything so it will fit their families needs. A general plan is good, but a detail plan is better. “So, what about our meeting next month?” “Ugh, I haven’t planned it, just wait for it”. Geez, really? You’re not the only one with tight schedule. Try to respect other by involving her to this planning process. We’ll be so glad helping.
  5. Just be yourself by respecting yourself. Go gain new experience and skill and don’t think about us too much. We are tough women, we can deal and take care of ourselves. We like to see you happy and learn many things in this world. Watching you shine is the best we can have.

That’s all just self opinion that based on observation for my relationship and other circle I have. I just wanna share what I have in mind for everyone who needs it.

I’m currently in a happy relationship with this man. Going through ups and downs together is making our relationship getting stronger. So it’s okay if now you feel so hopeless in a mix-couple relationship, there are so many things to learn from it. If you are destined to be together, nothing beats you.