Do yourself a favor and create the results you want in your life.

We plan our life and we take action on our plan because we are seeking certain results.

The results we want may come or they may not come but there is no avoiding an outcome in direct proportion to our effort.

To some, this is a harsh reality to hear. They would prefer to imagine that they are victims to the harsh current of outside environment. This is a sad and depressing way to live.

When you begin to embrace the fact that you create every result in your life and that you are completely and solely responsible for creating the results you want you will be ready to reap the abundance of joy and success that life is overflowing with.

Today you have an opportunity to create the results you want.

Do not wait and let an opportunity pass. It surely will, if you are not willing to respond and take intelligent action in a positive direction toward achieving the results you want.

It is your action that determines your results in life.

The action you take comes from your mental attitude. We must cultivate the new attitude that will produce the outcome we want. Do not be overwhelmed by failure or loss.

Failure is a great lesson in the development process of a great mental attitude that will bring success at the very next attempt.

Our life will be a great accumulation of opportunity and results. Monitor your results. Review your results. They are a great indicator of what kind of changes we need to make in ourselves if we want to continue to move forward in life.

Our results of today are also a great preview of our future if our actions stay the same.

Do yourself a huge favor and buy a small blank notebook. Label this notebook, “My life moves forward Journal”, and spend ten minutes each evening or at the time most convenient to you (although in our experience night time before bed is the best to review your day).

You may want to ask yourself a few of these powerful questions.

1. What did I learn today? And why is this important for my future?

2. What did I accomplish today? And why was I successful with this?

3. What did I do really well today?

4. What could I have done better today?

5. Am I happy with who and what I have become today?

This may feel a little bit weird and it feels like a waste of time at first few attempts. We understand you. We’ve been there when we first started this questioning (we feel like there are more important things to be done rather than sitting down and questioning yourself). But if you really want to progress and move forward in whatever situation you are in right now, only questions are the answers.

You need to be uncomfortable, you need to ask yourself important questions in life otherwise, the next day, the next month, and the next year- you will still be the same person, located at the same place, doing exactly the same things right now — feeling empty and inadequate.

By asking questions, big questions you will change the direction of your life. Not in an instant but the process and starting point roll on.

Jim Rohn once said, “Everything we have is a direct result of who we are.”

Have you ever heard the story of people winning millions of dollars in the lottery and within a few years they are right back to being broke? Why is this? The truth is that they were not worthy of having the money.

Worth is only another way of saying prepared. They had not spent the time necessary to cultivate the mental state of mind that could produce, manage, and grow millions of dollars. They were still living with a poor mental attitude and having a ton of money does not change that.

You must cultivate the powerful mental attitude if you want to reap the rewards of life.

You must work on yourself if you want to create the results you want in life.

Again, Do yourself a favor and create the results you want in your life. Now! You are giving the best gift your child can ever have. You are the most influential person in your child’s life so, learn to grow yourself to being the best person you can become.