A Collaborative Approach: Spark + Mettle and the Goodall Foundation

Spark+Mettle is a youth development organisation that likes to help people flourish. Set up in 2011 by educator Eugenie Teasley, its first five years saw its flagship programme Star Track support, coach and guide hundreds of young people down the path of realising and reaching their potential. Many other awesome programmes and initiatives sprang from the sturdy ship Star Track, including Discoverables — an online platform that highlights young peoples character strengths and links job-seeking youth with employers.

Moving into 2015 and The Academy was established, bringing awesome young Star Trackers back into the Spark+Mettle fold to help deliver engaging character strength workshops to UK youth. A portfolio of co-designed, interactive sessions and a crew of brilliant facilitators emerged, paving the way for success on a wider scale. And a wider scale is exactly what was achieved: in 2015, the British Council and HSBC invited Spark+Mettle to be UK delivery partner on a programme called Taqaddam. Taqaddam, meaning “moving forward’ in Arabic is a blended programme — meaning it takes place online and offline — inspired in part by the Discoverables platform.

Cut to 2016 and Taqaddam is entering its third year, with over 3000 15–16 year olds in six countries across the Middle East and North Africa engaging with the dynamic life skills programme. And cut to sunny Brighton where Eugenie, founder of Spark+Mettle, is CEO of a progressive, dynamic charitable foundation called the Goodall Foundation (tGF). Flourishing is the name of the game for tGF too — spanning continents with its focus on widening opportunities and evening the playing field for young people worldwide. Spark+Mettle and tGF have a LOT in common. So much so, that Spark+Mettle fits into tGF’s portfolio ever-so snugly, providing a wealth of strengths and skills expertise, ideas and connections to the myriad projects that tGF supports and funds. In return, Spark+Mettle has grown in strength and security, finding its place as tGF’s strengths and skills training arm.

And now, in 2017, Spark+Mettle is fully and wholly merging with tGF. It’s been a winding road and finally Spark+Mettle communications as a standalone entity are ceasing, as of 16th August. Our wonderful audiences can still find out about the work we are doing via the Goodall Foundation’s many mediums and portals. Check the links out below and stay connected!

Website: www.goodall-foundation.org.uk

Twitter: twitter.com/thegoodallfdn

Facebook: facebook.com/TheGoodallFdn

Instagram: The Goodall Fdn (previously Spark+Mettle)

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