I Left Politics. I Never Thought I Would be Here Now.

GOP Fail

When I was in college I was searching for meaning beyond a business degree and came upon the chance to help a local man run for congress. It was a great experience, He lost but I learned.

After the election was over, I began to get the idea that he was a bit idealistic. I knew I was, but he was at least twice my age and if he was going to go to DC like that, he would have been eaten alive. But I thought he was in it for the right reasons. I concluded that had he won, he either would be out within a couple of years or he would succumb to the dirt fest of politics.

A couple of years later, he ran again for the congressional seat and again I helped on the campaign. This time I was much less enthusiastic and more jaded. This time he was hard core Tea Party and obsessed with winning at any cost. My cautions of alienating the moderate and liberal constituents fell on deaf ears. My warning that statesmen doesn’t just serve the voters that got them elected was met with disdain.

In 2010, I went to a state GOP Convention. I was driven out of the GOP that weekend. They invited a speaker to the dinner that spent the entire evening railing about how democrats were the enemy and we need to conquer them at any cost.

I came to realize that if I wanted politics, I could have it. I had the ability to tap into that ruthless nature, but I did not and do not want to be that person. I came across “House of Cards” and had all my concerns validated. I was done. I was done with the GOP. I was done with politics. DONE.

In January of 2013, I moved to Texas to take a job with the Federal Government. In September of 2013, I was furloughed and furious. Not only did the government shut down, it was on the brink of bankruptcy. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) was making plans for when the United States would default. Notice that it does not say if the United States defaults. How could we let bi-partisan communication fail so miserably that we shut down the government and drive ourselves into bankruptcy? It was then I started calling myself Centrist, having no knowledge that there were others using the same words. I was furious but still refused to get involved because of dirty politics.

In 2016, the United States had some interesting options for president. I wasn’t surprised that Clinton won her party’s nomination but I was floored and horrified that conservatives nominated Trump. At the nomination in July of 2016, I was sick of our politics and this hot mess. Though not actively political, I was being forced out of my hermitage.

I could not stay silent any more. That “Christian Conservatives” nominated Trump was a reflection not of their “Faith Politics” or compassion but of their greed and willingness to do anything to keep power. How were they any different than that they were hostile against? Why could we not come back to a reasonable discussion?

As a Christian, a woman, a granddaughter of immigrants and soldiers, as a Jew, having been poor, needed medical, worked in Government, in Private Sector, and owned my own small business, I was Done…But not as in I quit, this time I stand.

I not longer sit on the sidelines. I know how ugly politics is and I am refuse to compromise my integrity to win at any cost. But I am going to stand. That you cannot take away from me.

I’m here, I’m furious, and I Stand.