Here Are 9 Useful Social Skills You Can Pick Up Quickly
Niklas Göke

#8 all the way. Strong introvert, and yet I teach Zumba and U-Jam fitness formats. Dancing is a great way to get rid of that stress that stops us from opening up. Conversations at the end of class are 100x easier than before class.

When I used to teach in the large corporate gyms with large classes, I used to always have to smile and wave at folks in the gym. Too many faces to memorize outside of the group exercise room, particularly when I was new… so I acted like I knew everyone at the gym no matter where they were inside or in the parking lot. Great way to open up, and yes many of them probably went home wondering where they knew me from, but didn’t.

Best way I’ve found is just stop caring what other people think. Because usually they aren’t thinking about what you worry about, or they’ll forget not long after anyway…