More Than One Thing Doesn’t Seem Right

Dirty goat balls is the perfect description of my feed as well. I am fairly certain that the “Show Fewer Stories Like This” menu option is purely decorative. There is a particular author I do not follow who writes in a publication I do not follow, and I have selected the “Show Fewer” menu item for this individual several times. Of course, since I expect nothing less of Medium by now, I regularly keep seeing this author in my feed. Logic would lead me to believe I shouldn’t see these stories anymore, especially after selecting that option so many times with exactly the same variables, but I do.

The only rhyme or reason I can figure out about my feed is it feels entirely filled with whatever people I follow heart or comment on, not at all geared towards any other actions I take or tags I or publication topics I follow. It doesn’t seem particularly geared towards anything I personally do. Facebook is almost creepy in the way it senses shifts in my life even before I do, but Medium’s feed seems devoid of rhyme or reason. I may as well be logged out.

That said, it did show me this, and I follow you, so it does pan out sometimes!

(PS: another call of many to Medium to have a tab/feed made up of only articles by people I follow!)

Update: Medium is actually showing me *this* in my feed right now. Why is it showing me my own comment a couple minutes after I just wrote it? Facepalm. (Medium wants to point out I actually used it to come back and write this, so perhaps it’s algo is smart to do so and the joke is on me!)

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