Poll: Is Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold The Most Humiliating?

Grew up on Vancouver Island, and didn’t know either extreme. So I didn’t really experience extreme heat or cold until I lived in Toronto. Now I will say previous to Toronto I did a stint in Calgary, which included completely sober stunts like “I’m stronger than this -40 degree weather, I imma go get a slurpee and walk home while consuming it” (protip, Slurpee freezes even further). I blame my stupid college ass, but all of it wasn’t that bad.

Now Toronto. The summer and winters kill people, for real. Lake Effect Snow/Ice is no joke… worst winter weather I’ve ever experienced, including that -40 shit which numbers wise was way “worse”. I was down there at the lake filming some video for a project, and a wave hit me that immediate froze all over my body. Human icicle — literally. That sort of defined a miserable winter.

But the summer was what made us move away 10 months after we arrived. It was that bad. It won. Toronto won. We went back to Calgary and those tolerable winters (before ending up in “we don’t really have much weather at all” Bay Area, CA.)

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