I like you alcohol, but…

I adore how you wrote about the day drinking. That’s what I always thought about it. Now that I’m day drinking, I might have a problem (but it makes me so creative! I’m not as inhibited in my meetings!)

When I moved to my (first of several) moderation trials, not day drinking meant I didn’t have a problem! Yes!

Oh wait.

And I mean, I was only up to 2.5 glasses per night. “Only”. The thing is, it’s about that relationship, not about the amount. And people saying “that’s not a problem” (looking inward… I drink that much! Do I have a problem too?) just gives a person the permission to continue. Even when you know those “only” two glasses put you in a dark place every single night. And that anger you speak of, oh gosh yes. Complete anger at needing that second glass.

This love affair is certainly a mean beast to shake, and I’m no pro at 64 days (my longest stint!), but we’re all on your side. It’s so complicated, just like divorcing (or distancing, if you try to moderate) your best friend. But when you use some of the behavioral science out there things can get a lot easier. Or so it seems, from my end anyway (habit loop adjustment FTW) :)


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