Figuring Out Life as A Vegetarian

Mad props to saying STFU about protein! After becoming almost-vegan-since-cheese-is-a-problem (plant-based diet for health reasons), I read that we don’t even need nearly as much protein than is generally advised. We get as much as we need from (real) foods not even all that rich in them — even the lowly potato that has the least amount of protein actually has enough protein by percentage for humans. And calorie for calorie broccoli has more than steak anyway. When people ask me about protein and I say these things they always have that twinge of “bitch be crazy” in their face and “FU I want my burger”. But I always hope they go look into it for themselves to find out I’m not all that crazy. But whatever.

Yeah, big change. Only thing I hate is the new sucky crappy world of trying to eat out in “regular” restaurants (yay, one dish option or all sides!).

And ultimately I discovered (from this eating better food life change) what I really miss sugar, not meat…

Love this article. Well done. Relate so much.

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