Talking About Death

What a beautiful way to view the inevitable.

I’ve seen grandparents and my father die in largely undesirable ways — altzheimers, cancer. I really don’t disagree that having some control or dignity is bad. How could I? It was terrible, who would volunteer for a decline like that. It’s not life.

One of the oddest things that happened during my dads decline with pancreatic was how he resolved to death when there was no hope and he went into hospice mode. But then came out of that acceptance of death, and clung to hope and wanted to fight again. I guess it’s understandable, fear closer to the end, but we couldn’t get over that dramatic change in mindset after it was over in a way.

For me, no kids, not much family, and no true friends apart from my husband… being alone is my biggest fear. Alone with pain or altzheimers or worse is unthinkable. I could see taking your plan quite seriously. Not to mention my mom has always said she would do the same, and while a bit uncomfortable for me (she’s mom!), I have always respected her decision.

Anyway, a stunning piece.

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