💜LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty Program💜

LoveBlock is awarding writers, bloggers, journalists and video creators with LoveBlock DDD tokens for publishing quality content about LoveBlock and LoveBlock’s token contribution events. For this campaign, we only accept blog posts, articles, and videos (Please provide an English brief to us in the Content Creation Form for non-English content).

To get involved in the LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty, follow the simple steps below we have listed for your convenience and you can earn DDD coins for creating content about us:

1. Register on our Website and join the Official LoveBlock Telegram Group

2. Create a noteworthy Blog/Media post, for example on Medium, the Bitcointalk Forum, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Hacker Noon, relevant News Websites and more. Linked below we have further instructions in more detail on the types of content you should be creating.

3. Fill out the simple Bounty form to inform the LoveBlock Team of your posting.

4. One of the LB Team will check the quality and reach of your posting.

5. If your post meets the requirements then you will be credited with the relevant amount of DDD coins (As shown in the terms below).

You can earn up to 10,000 DDD per video, up to 8,000 DDD per article and you can earn up to 3,000 DDD for each blog posting!

Exceptional content may be eligible for even greater rewards at the discretion of the LB Team.

There is a limit though, once the tokens for the content creation bounty are given away the LoveBlock Bounty program will end!

There is no guarantee of any tokens being earned — the decision on the quality of the content will be at the sole discretion of the LoveBlock Team

Content in any language is welcome!

For technical support, please contact us via our Telegram group. Contact any active admin and they will forward the inquiry on to the relevant LB Team member.

Token Awards:

For Articles please take a look at https://irishtechnews.ie/loveblock-partners-with-millionaire-dating-app-luxy/ and https://medium.com/@theLoveBlock/loveblock-changes-the-way-how-you-find-love-f2f14c6c4e1f for some ideas on good quality content.

Terms and Conditions:

2. To participate in the bounty program you must be at least 18 years old.

3. In order to participate you need to join our official Telegram group t.me/theloveblock in order to receive important information regarding the campaign and so that we can contact you regarding your content creations.

4.You must also create a free account on the LoveBlock website at www.LoveBlock.one so that any tokens can be credited directly to you.

5.For each and every piece of unique content created you must fill in the separate Content Creation Form so that we can verify any postings

6. Total rewards for the Content Creation Bounty has a cap of 2,000,000 DDD and once that limit has been reached we have the right not to process or award any more DDD tokens.

7. Each user can only participate with one account per campaign. Users with double-registrations or duplicate accounts (except the initial one) may be permanently banned from the program at our discretion.

8. All campaigns will be counted weekly.

9. All rewards for bounty activities will be in LoveBlock DDD tokens.

10. If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.

11. The LoveBlock team will reserve the right to change any rules or make any changes, if necessary.

12. For technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact us via our official Telegram group and message @LoveBlock_Anish for English queries or @Lena_LoveBlock for all equiries in Russian or Chinese. You can also contact any active admin and they will forward any enquiry on to the relevant LB Team member.

13.Your content can be in any language, but you must provide a brief in English in the content creation form

14. There is no guarantee of any tokens being earned — the decision on the quality of the content will be at the sole discretion of the LoveBlock Team

15. By joining the Bounty program you agree to be bound by our terms laid out here

Thanks for your interest in creating content as part of the LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty!

Follow our social media channels!

Facebook: @theloveblock

Instagram @theloveblock

Twitter @theloveblock

Medium @theloveblock

And visit our website https://www.loveblock.one/#/bounty to find out more and join the bounty program!



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