LoveBlock’s security system to wipe out scammers in the online dating industry

Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

How will LoveBlock’s security system work?

LoveBlock will introduce a new verification and security system which will expose scammers and permanently record all of their linked data.

1. Users must go through an ID verification process to validate their credentials. Users must also privately upload a unique photo or video to their participating LoveBlock DApp based upon our specification to ensure it is actually them submitting it. This could be holding up a certain number of fingers, reciting a number sequence, or some other unique request. All requests will be reviewed and approved or denied within 24 hours. Once the verification process confirms that the uploaded photo in the profile matches the person, users will receive a SMS verification prompt as an additional safeguard.

2. Biometric ID: users will be able to register their personal dating account with their unique biometric ID. Recently, major smartphone producers are already using this technology for unlocking devices and for other uses. The biometric ID will be encrypted and saved on the Blockchain. If our platforms detect a verified suspicious act committed with malice, we will record this as well. Anyone who commits fraudulent activities on our dating platforms will be recorded and bound to his or her unique biometric ID which will be permanently saved to the LoveBlock chain. This ensures that that all scammers will be easily identified, tagged, and permanently stopped from creating harm to the community.

3. The steps of verification and the security system are as following:

Step 1 • User uploads profile picture of his or her face.

Step 2 • LoveBlock requests the user to submit a real-time video or picture.

Step 3 • LoveBlock scans, matches, and verifies the video or picture using facial recognition. • If unsuccessful, the user must upload a better and more recent photo or higher quality video. • A check on the user’s social media is also done.

Step 4 • Users then provide their unique biometric ID.

Step 5 • LoveBlock writes the hashed, signed data onto the Blockchain.

Step 6 • User data becomes encrypted and unreadable to anyone without proper authorization.

Step 7 • Updating the encrypted ID on Blockchain for every profile picture change

Step 8 • If a user reports a scam from another user, verifying if suspicion is applicable with proof and if so personal information on the blockchain will be updated.

Step9 • DApps are able to exchange this data about scammers and can banish them from their platform

Step10 • Scammers cannot us any dating app in the LoveBlock network any longer

Step11 • If scammers commit fraud in Love Scamming, the biometric ID will help to expose the real identity of fraudsters what can enable local authorities to recover stolen property.

4. LoveBlock will reach out and connect with other dating platforms outside our own platforms in order to exchange data about scammers. This type of cooperation between dating platforms will greatly reduce fraud and security issues. Dating platforms are able to monetize their data with our Reward System and stay competitive by giving a great user experience to their members.

Our security integration will truly revolutionize online dating in a way never seen before.

5. While we have our own top notch in-house security and verification processes, it all comes together from the use of Blockchain technology. All relevant parties can be cryptographically linked to their verified identity. Not only does this allow users to truly own their online identity, rather than a corporation and it will lead to more confidence and trust within the entire community.


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LoveBlock a Decentralized Database for Dating based on BlockChain and is working closely together with the dating app Luxy.