Undocumented IAM permissions required by Packer EBS builder


You use Packer’s EBS builder for building your AMIs. Your environment is configured with AWS credentials that contain all IAM permissions listed by the builder.

==> amazon-ebs: Launching a source AWS instance...==> amazon-ebs: Adding tags to source instance    amazon-ebs: Adding tag: "Name": "Packer Builder"==> amazon-ebs: Error launching source instance: UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message: otX5J2DYKoU8w8_jW1NK4tkpflhmZV7RPr4b0849Q1xZXb2aStSd810GBZ30UE-80pgrzIXsf6VYU5L30-bmGFSQOsm8CwyM-Ixka6l0y80suznZoRghP3m5inNwZ3pWOqzivgcqh32D27u_EorICB3Eql3RwzjFtJ7nu1wsDK6n3f-vw5bsRQblTd7QeIBp-u_0jWTyUHacROWtsgZXEiGPzoe-a2yA0lpZw187smnW5y8_yiDjlTS7AgSU6fFfawNHh_7a11_5DxbBlTNTLD5A1rT7caf44kSsoBxAhMtehWrqCZyOn4Ma5ZlSq7g7o-M0pp793NlxcKWUSVNp8zBX9UFwxv_6EIg2fhMsszjMsDcXk_wlHxrOKrhWiy9McaNfrgnT4J96qo2aILA3516_xBBfpzVSIMkeLblYpc7y8Cm6nCz81mnVf2ocPhmHIbJrJFmV0mlW00hLNXHp2xbGybd6Y10Jg-lBk7bYfybBSSgrv0Dxj_UMh7sY9LN0Q9d3b9sw2Qc_WdpDCCWJok2EsMZ0bd2Kf4RLfbpnfh76==> amazon-ebs:  status code: 403, request id: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
aws sts decode-authorization-message --encoded-message <ENCODED MESSAGE HERE>
An error occurred (InvalidAuthorizationMessageException) when calling the DecodeAuthorizationMessage operation: Not authorized to decode message

The problem

Packer wasn’t able to assign an instance profile to an EC2 machine that it provisions. This is because the instance profile itself could have permissions different from Packer.




Site Reliability Engineer at shuttl.com | github.com/duaraghav8

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