Do We Really Want Jesus Around?

Reflections on Mark‬ ‭5:16 — 17‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“Then those who had seen what happened told the others about the demon-possessed man and the pigs. And the crowd began pleading with Jesus to go away and leave them alone.”

‭‭Just like they didn’t want Jesus around then, this is how we treat Him today. We don’t want Him in schools, or Christmas, our entertainment, families, or even, our churches.

Like here is this individual narrative, we also, want the parts and benefits of Jesus that we want. What is convenient and tolerable by our standards; we want our way and when we want it. We are often prohibitive and resistant to simply let Jesus reign.

But Jesus also said, if you love Me, you’ll obey Me (John 14:15). Loving God means accepting His free reign, uncontrolled and unhindered within our lives.

Do we really want Jesus around, or just the idea of Him around? Are we allowing Him to be rather than just a religious belief kept in a Sunday time slot?

Although He is graceful God, gracious and merciful of our needs and weaknesses, He is also an all or nothing God.

Either Jesus is Lord over all in our lives, or He’s not Lord at all.