Snapshot: Top 5 Moments from ‘An Honorable Profession’

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Co-host Ryan Coonerty with NewDEAL Alumna Emily Cain

An Honorable Profession, NewDEAL’s award-winning podcast, will mark its fifth anniversary by publishing the show’s 200th episode on Sept. 21, 2023. Our co-hosts, former Santa Cruz Mayor and County Supervisor Ryan Coonerty, along with NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan, have interviewed hundreds of rising Democratic stars, political luminaries, and issue-area experts. Guests share their personal stories, and discuss ways to restore trust in government, as well as sanity in politics, in an insane era.

If you are unfamiliar with our podcast, or just want to take a trip down memory lane, we’ve gathered together five of our favorite clips from the past five years.

A full list of episodes can be found here and you can listen to An Honorable Profession wherever you get your podcasts.


Current Secretary of Transportation; former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and former NewDEAL Leader discussing his thoughts on politics generally and the 2018 midterm elections specifically.

“No matter what the job is — from dog-catcher to president — so much of it comes down to two things. One is advancing good policies that are going to help anybody who interacts with your level of government to do well. And another is to competently run whatever set of responsibilities that has been handed to you.”

Airdate: 9/9/2018. Listen to the full show here.


Michigan State Senator discussing her viral floor speech pushing back against Republican-led attacks against the LGBTQ+ community.

“I represent a lot of marginal Republicans. Part of the reason I won the first time is because they don’t want to hate anybody. They want lower taxes! I represent Mitt Romney’s hometown. This [attacks on the LGBTQ+ community] has gotten so far away from just common decency… [My floor speech] was hitting back and calling a spade a spade.”

Airdate: 5/4/2022. Listen to the full show here.


Delaware State Senator discussing why she decided to get involved in politics and run for office.

“I think, in many ways, my interest in government and advocacy and politics stems from my own journey of coming out as a transgender person. When I was young, I wasn’t interested in politics. I was actually interested in architecture. What I was thinking about, and what I was really aware of, was how the world interacts with people and the barriers that it places in front of people. At a young age, I was becoming aware of who I am. And in the same instant, becoming aware of the fact that there was significant prejudice and ignorance around people like me. And I saw that the world was not structured for me to not just live authentically and openly.”

Airdate: 8/11/2021. Listen to the full show here.


Florida State Representative discussing how she first became interested in a career in politics.

“I participated in a program known as Girls State. It teaches you about Florida government at every level and I was absolutely hooked. I decided to run for Governor of Girls State, and won. I got to meet the governor at the time. He inspired me. But also, understanding the functioning that a governor plays, and the function that a state legislature plays — I learned that as a high school student; 17-year-old. And I thought, ‘Someday, this is what I want to do.’”

Airdate: 5/18/2022. Listen to the full show here.


St. Louis Mayor discussing her first run for public office, just months after giving birth to her first child.

“When I was running for state representative, I would go pick up my son from daycare, put him in his stroller, strap him in, give him a snack, and we would go knock doors. And what I learned: Babies get you votes! But also, people respect that, whatever station you’re in, you take the time to knock on their door and to talk about why you are running.”

Airdate: 12/18/2019. Listen to the full show here.

(NOTE: Tishaura Jones was St. Louis Treasurer at the time of this interview. She was elected to Mayor in 2021.)

As NewDEAL approaches the 200th episode, we want to thank all the listeners, guests, and staff who helped make this milestone happen. Thank you for listening to us, and we hope the next 200 episodes are just as great as the first 200.

Again, you can find all our episodes here, and listen to them wherever you get your podcasts.




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