Interview with Periphery’s Jake Bowen

I’m a huge fan of tech. Eat. Sleep. Breathe. But I also happen to be an aficionado of beards. Furthermore, I absolutely love music — all kinds. But if I had to choose a smaller category I’d say prog metal. The technicality and ferocity of it just jives with me.

That said, I happen to have a beard theme site that I run called The Distinguished Beardsman where I review beard grooming/care products and feature other bearded dudes for “bios” (read: mini-interviews of sorts). Most recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the guitarists from prog metal group, Periphery, Jake Bowen.

You may not like their music. Or beards, for that matter. And that’s fine. This was purely a personal, fan girl *squee* moment driven by nothing else other than my desire to chat with the guy.

Interview with Jake Bowen of Periphery