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Update: 3/31/2020

Over the last few days, several more occurrences of bad practice to downright misleading/false advertising (claiming end-to-end encryption) and contacts/info leaking have cropped up. To clarify, the growing picture that Zoom goofed once with the inclusion (and non-disclosure) of Facebook SDK data sharing — which again, isn’t that heinous — is appearing to be more of a culture of security and privacy being an afterthought and/or growth and cost over everything else. Gross negligence at best to outright deceit at worst.

Because of this, Zoom is quickly gaining a reputation of the facebook of business conference products, and that is a terrible place for them to be in. For now, if you really care about privacy / security, it may just be worth it to hold off on jumping on board the Zoom gravy train (if you hadn’t already). …

If you haven’t heard of the podcast “The Menu Bar” by Zac Cichy (@zcichy on twitter), you probably should. That said, if you had to start somewhere and happened to be a child of the 90’s/early 2000’s, this one is extra special.

Rob Sheridan (overall artist and social genius behind Nine Inch Nails in the early days and co-founder of “How to destroy Angels” talks discusses a number of things including:

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I spent some time with a bunch of Ubiquiti Networks hardware. Network all the things!

Review on Bitbitbyte


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