2015 was an amazing year and an exciting adventure. It was my first full calendar year working for myself, and SO much has happened. We moved to India! We got news of our first pregnancy! We hired people! We prototyped a bunch of websites, apps, games and startup ideas. We also helped create and release Scroodles — a word battle game that was featured on both app stores (Apple and Google Play) and reached over 200,000 downloads — and people that meet me still talk about how they played the crap out of it! And there’s a lot more to add to this list.. Feel free to ask me about anything if you’re curious. …

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After looking around at lots of options for starting a blog related to the many activities I’m involved in, I ended up with some interesting options:

My concern was whether I’d be able to share what I write with the interested audience, or will I end up forcing them to visit my “blog” once in a while just to see what’s going on..

As exciting as it would be to build my own blog system, I think I tend to get carried away into building things and then fail to execute the true mission a lot of times. …

Mitesh Shah

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