I can’t help but feel that Mickey and co. lack confidence in fans; that they believe fans need constant hand-holding
Thank the Maker! or: Make Star Wars Great Again
Varad Mehta

Of course they do. Why do you think that all the Marvel movies are becoming more and more homogenised.

They figured out the template to make good(not interesting) movies and just stuck to it.

These aren’t artistic endeavours fuelled by a creative vision, they are mass market products made to appeal to as many different demographics as possible. You can’t have them be too nerdy or niche or the cool people/’tastemakers’ won’t be comfortable sharing it with their friends and followers.

As much as people ‘dislike’ the prequels, with fair reasoning, they were still full of interesting concepts and ideas that came from Lucas’ own tastes, beliefs and views. Same can be said for the DC movies.

But as you probably know better than me: An interesting movie might not make money, but a good one always will.

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