Bearded Guys- Nightmare in disguise

It’s the new black for guys; A full beard like pseudo Mufasa.

He exudes testosterone and his lips are an aphrodisiac. Beware.

Something is incredibly luring about the person behind this facial hair that can make the strongest alpha female feel like she’s 16 again.

Like an unsuspecting prey she is enchanted by his calm confidence. And oh the chemistry between them; like black magic.

He is completely aware of the effect he has on her- that pseudo Mufasa Monster. He is experienced and knows women better than he knows his job.

His lips are on her yet his heart is closed to love. He doesn’t say sweet things often; he is not here for love. This is lust at its sweetest.

His effort is minimal. It drives her nuts. Maybe movies once in awhile but nothing significant. She is enchanted by his insouciance and craves more of him.

His body is a drug that never satisfies. Addictive and destructive. She knows better but just can’t do better. She is drugged. And she knows it.

Her questions about relationships become bothersome. Her expiration date is near. He says he is not ready to be vulnerable and is scared of being hurt.

Her emotions are bleeding. Monster Mufasa shall not be tamed. He now seeks a new prey and his enchantment is unending.

Bruised but not broken she limps away, knowing very well that the Dark Lion King shall see the end of day.

Beware of certain bearded guys, for some are actually nightmares in disguise.

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