Sharing the #MarkZuckerberg @Harvard video and a memory:

(With Prof Amartya Sen at the economics department and Prof Michael E Porter when he addressed us)

The video was made by Mr Edward Zuckerberg, Mr Mark Zuckerberg’s dad, just as the son was accepted in 2006.

Good presence of mind!

(In his FB post, Mr Zuckerberg has said that he will be collecting his degree at the commencement this year! Now that’s a powerful message – remember, Facebook was conceived a few yards away with Mr Zuckerberg courting rustication having broken away into the university’s servers!)

Sharing as fun and reminiscence of my own “Harvard acceptance moment.”

As an undergrad i didn’t have the math to try for an HBS MBA. My “moment” took 20 years to come by, in 2009, when I applied for the school’s advanced management program (AMP) . When the acceptance came several weeks later, i wanted my dad to know first. A little problem here was that both my parents were on a long flight. So, after many hours of the acceptance email, when their aircraft landed in Delhi, i finally get the news off my chest.

PS: Am glad i wasn’t much of a believer in Mr Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The post would have certainly evoked many likes, but this joy was personal. Glad i waited.

And, yes, there isn’t even a 🤳 to “mark” the moment. But it still seems like yesterday!

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