Have you ever heard of John Maxwell?

If you haven’t then you’re really missing out.

This dude is a leadership guru. He literally has other countries bringing him in to teach their government officials how to lead their populace.

You know you’re doing something right when countries want you to come over and teach them something.

A few years back, John created what he calls his “Rule of 5” and he has applied them to many different industries, professions, and stages of life.

A few years ago he gave a talk to the leadership positions within my company at our annual convention. During that talk he shared his John Maxwell’s Rule of 5 for Network Marketing Professionals and it was too good for me not to share it with you.

Keep in mind the John Maxwell’s Rule of 5 is designed to be your DMO or daily method of operation. If you do these 5 things every day then you will create massive duplication, momentum, and success in your business.

1) Expand Your Written List

Whether you brush by someone in the super market or meet someone new at church event, you need to be adding people to your written list every day. Your list is your inventory and without a list, you don’t have a business.

2) Invite & Follow Up with Someone

Take a name off of your list and invite them to take a look at your product, service, or opportunity. Once you have done that then follow up with someone that you have invited recently and see what they thought. These actions are the lifeblood of your business. Without eyeballs on your presentation no one will join you.

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, neither is your business.
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3) Learn Something

This industry is as much about personal development as it is income development. Pick up a book. Browse through an article. Listen to a podcast. Do something to get yourself better every day. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, neither is your business.

4) Encourage Someone

Encouragement is one of the most ignored skills in this industry. Pick up the phone and tell someone that they are doing a good job and you are proud of them. You would be surprised how far a sincere compliment can go. I would highly suggest encouraging someone on your team because that causes them to naturally begin to look to you as a leader and gives them a nice boost of that miracle drug called self-confidence.

5) Give Thanks

If you haven’t figured out already, you don’t deserve ANYTHING in this life. No one owes you ANYTHING. You have to earn it. That being said, sometimes you get a gift. Just like when your sponsor introduced you to Network Marketing. Let them know how much it means to you. Tell them you appreciate them thinking enough of you to invite you to join their business. Then thank God for placing you in s situation in life to be lucky enough to build an MLM business in the first place.

That’s it. John Maxwell’s Rule of 5 for Network Marketers. Pretty straightforward.

I told you he had some good stuff.

If I had to recommend my favorite book of John’s it would have to be “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.” Go get you a copy!

Feel free to watch the video version below.


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