Often times in Network Marketing people who start to build any size of a team slip into management mode. They stop recruiting and prospecting and only focus their time on managing or assisting their team. If this is you, let me be the first to tell you to stop it.

The number one thing you should focus your time on in this industry is recruiting and prospecting. That should take up about 75% of your business building time. Of course you can do this with your cold market or warm market and online or offline.

The other 25% should be used to assist and manage your team. That time would include calling your leaders, putting on business presentations or home meetings, training, 3-way validation calls, or helping sign up customers or distributors.

Ok. Now you have your ratio of time management down now. Who should you focus your time on when you are in management/assistance mode? There are 3 kinds of people that I think deserve your time.

Focus your time on anyone in your downline who is a leader.

You can always tell when someone is a leader because people are following them. Usually they have a decent sized team and are of a higher rank. They are always at meetings, trainings, and events. They are usually also in contact with you several times per week looking for coaching.

Focus your time on anyone in your downline who is achieving results.

These are people who might not be at a leadership rank but are still having people join their team left and right. Keep your eye on these people because, before long, they will become leaders with your help.

Focus your time on anyone in your downline who is taking consistent action.

It is crucial that you focus your attention on these people. They need to know that they have your support. This can also be a person in your downline who has been inactive for a while but has now started to take massive action. Don’t coddle them. Let them know that if they continue taking consistent action then you’ll be there for them.

There is a fourth type of person that I want you to be aware of. Be sure you don’t automatically give this person your full attention right off the bat. I’m talking about the person who has been inactive for a long time and then all of a sudden decides that they want to reengage in the system and start taking action.

“75% of your time in MLM should be prospecting and recruiting. The other 25% should be management.”
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The best thing to do with this person is to give them a homework assignment. Something that is going to prove if they’re serious or not. I like to tell them to make a list of 20 new prospects and text me a picture of it. Once I get the list from them I tell them to invite all 20 of them this week and report back to me with the results. If they accomplish the homework, then they get some of my attention. If they didn’t, then I focus my time elsewhere.

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