3 Skills Every Designer at Booking.com Must Have

UXswitch asked Magda Filipska over at Booking.com to think about the skills that make a successful user experience (UX) designer at the world’s number one accommodation site. Here are the 3 main ingredients.

Direct and clear communication
Our team at Booking.com counts over 54 different nationalities, so the only way we can communicate is speaking English. However communication is not only about the language skills. In fact you can be a native speaker with a degree in literature and still fail the interview. As a designer you have to work closely with many people, including developers, product owners, data scientists etc. You all need to exchange information within your team to get your project going. That’s why it’s so important to explain your ideas in a structured way, show reasoning behind your thoughts and get to the point. Nobody likes working with people who talks more than they actually do, don’t you think?

Passion about UX and willingness to improve
If you run a quick search on LinkedIn, you’ll discover that there is over 124,000 UX Designers in the world. Around 40% of them claim to have html and css skills. But probably only a few thousands of them are truly passionate about their job. Every designer working at Booking.com is not only master of his craft but they always look for ways to improve. They learn new technologies and share their experience with others during conferences, meetups or at their personal blogs.

Understanding the business
At last but not the least, as a UX Designer you should understand the business purpose of your design. Booking.com is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. It means that every day millions of people from all over the world are using the function that you’ve created in order to reach their goal — find the most suitable accommodation for their needs. So even if you can create the most beautiful interface loved by whole design community, it not necessarily means that’s the best and most understandable design for the user.

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