A Little Secret in Collecting User Feedback

Live chat! There, didn’t want to keep you in suspense. UXswitch placed live chat on our site for the first few weeks after the launch of the Humanised Job Ad. We wanted to have a human point of contact for anyone using the new Post a Job function that we had created. Return on investment has been huge. Here are some of the highlights.


  • Adding the live chat widget on our site was child’s play, operational within minutes.
  • The cost for us is only $5 per month for unlimited conversations with site visitors (Purechat).
  • Support from Purechat was excellent because, get this, they have live chat on their site.
  • Customization of the widget’s text and colours was simple. It looks professional.

Visitors told us all we needed to know about the issues with the new form, allowing us to fix these issues immediately. Here is the primary learning:

  • The visibility and wording of our error messages sucked. This was preventing many users from successfully submitting a job advert.
  • Job posters desperately wanted to duplicate a role they had created instead of starting a new one from scratch.
  • The Options button (edit, delete etc.) was not intuitively designed and practically invisible to users.

For live chat to work you’ve got to have a person available to answer visitor enquiries. There’s nothing more disappointing for users than to initiate a live chat session for there to be no response. Therefore, it’s important for operators to only switch on the widget when they are in a position to take the visitor’s inquiry. This requires time, discipline and effort of course. Thankfully, Purechat have an excellent mobile application that can be used on the go.

Overall, UXswitch was able to iron out the issues preventing people from successfully submitting a job ad using the live chat function. Resulting in more satisfied users, more job ads being submitted and less support time on our behalf. A win-win situation for only $5 per month.

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This article originally appeared at UXswitch http://www.uxswitch.com/a-little-secret-for-collecting-user-feedback/

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