Three Ways to Annoy a Senior Designer at Interview

Designers are in huge demand, they certainly have the upper hand in the employment market. The ball is well and truly in the court of the employer to attract the right designers and fulfil the dream of bringing engaging products and services to market.

It’s fair to say that the very best and most established designers have their choice of job. They don’t need to work for your company unless they can regard you as a prestigious step up in their design career, such as IDEO or Apple. You are doing well if you manage to grab their attention and coax them to interview. The worst thing you could do is to irritate them at this point. If you really want to know how to do that, read on.

1) Organise a Prequalifying HR Interview

Have the senior designer attend a pre-qualifying HR interview as a first step. This is where a box-ticking envoy, with no design knowledge or little info about the job, goes through a set of generic questions, assessing your appropriateness to join the company. By their very nature, designers (UXers) want to talk design, to show their portfolio, to talk about solutions and design. If you’re worried about having too many such design interviews, use UXswitch’s toolset to find only the designers that match well with your vacancy.

2) Ask Tedious Questions

“Tell me about a time where you successfully dealt with conflict”. Sigh. Do you really think that an experienced designer will never have experienced and overcome conflict in the workplace? How about; “What’s your greatest weakness” or “How are you with working in a team?” Interviewers should know that every candidate has a canned answer for these questions. They will tell you little about the person. Instead, you should ask something like; “What would you do if you really believed in a design feature and your manager ask you to change it?” The answer should include talk of alignment to the original objective and openness to be proven wrong through AB testing or user research.

3) Give an Unthinking Design Task

Annoy a senior UXer by giving them a basic design task or one that requires a big time commitment. For example “Design an app for setting alarms and reminders”. Boring. If that’s as challenging as you can get, the UXer will seriously doubt that you’ll be able to stimulate them enough at work. Instead be creative about your design task. For example ask “How would you imagine checking in for a space flight to Mars in 2026?”. Yummy. Lots of juicy opportunities to innovate around the scenario of interstellar travel, future technologies and more. As an output, have a discussion about it or ask for quick sketches.

Read more about how you can keep your UX designer happy once they join and have a look at Hiring UX designers: 11 qualities to look for. If you are a UXer going for interview, consider these questions to ask the interviewer.

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