Hi. You may not know me and you probably wouldn’t care about the things I have to say but if you listen carefully you would know. 
 Some of you casted a stone on me. Like I am a criminal torn to the ground of judgement. You cut me with your knives of indirect, shallow and senseless judgements. And... Oh! I forgot, you even tangled me with the vine of thornes and laid me to my tombstone. 
 I have sensed my impurity and so are yours. The thing is, I am not the only one who feels like odds are turning favors. 
 My chivalry ain’t dead. My armour is full-on. 
 Of all the battles I fought with, I cannot withstand the battle of my mind and heart. I am wounded with indecisiveness. I am in a constant battle of heart and mind and I can’t heal out now because I am in war with my thoughts.