Just keep doing….

**Another “share everything post”*** Skip this one if you are not into TMI through FB. (originally posted on Facebook)

So as most of you probably have gathered life has been pretty difficult for me lately. I have been feeling really frustrated with how things are playing out. I feel like that movie with Matt Damon where there are these angels changing the outcomes of things “The Adjustment Bureau” (side note I really liked that movie especially the ending). Anyway I know it’s totally ridiculous and I do feel like there are cosmic forces preventing me from having success at want I want out of life. I know it’s a common feeling and it’s just silly. I am at the point where I feel like I could easily just stop all of it, stop the podcast, stop making music and art. I feel confused about what I am doing with my life.

What I have decided to do is stop thinking so much about it and just keep doing. I am gradually letting go of my expectations of any kind of success at what I am doing with my life and just do. It’s not easy it’s not like I have a switch inside of me it’s a process and a practice. My goal from here on out is to do things because I want to and I like it. I am not going to think about “what am i supposed to be doing” I am just going to do. I am going to keep making the podcast because it’s cool and I like it. I am going to keep making music because it’s cool and I like it. I am going to keep making art because it’s cool and I like it. I am going to keep making the clutches because they are cool and I like it. I am going to keep driving Lyft because it’s a job that I can tolerate that does not make me hate life. If the universe wants to help me with any of these things I will leave it up to the universe to decide.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have a new approach to the clutch that I am really excited about I can’t wait to show you a final product. I think you will freak too! Not sure how long they will take to make so this is a major tease. Basically it involves more art and zero “production”. The clutches will be mostly “one off’s” every once in a while I might make a batch of something. And the price is going way up :).

Thanks for reading 😀❤️

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