The difference between a “profile” and a “page”

The other day I posted this on Facebook….

“If you are anyone that wants the public to know more about what you do, i.e. business, musician, artist, etc. and you don’t know the difference between a Facebook “page” and a “profile” you need to. Let me teach you. A “page” is for businesses, artists, musicians, etc. to set up a public access to anyone information about what you do. There is no “friend” limit, there is no waiting to be accepted as a “friend”. There is no friction between you and the people you want to reach. A “Profile” is for you as a person to create to share with the select people you want to know about what you are up to. There is security and friction between you and the public. If you are using one of these as your business, music, or artist page you are doing it wrong and putting friction between you and the people who want to learn more about what you offer. Please stop, thank you. — Zim (someone who wants to know what you are up to quickly and easily)”

It got some response from my community. Including the good old cry baby response of “but Facebook makes you pay for advertising wah wah wah…” That so many creatives get caught up on so I responded with this…

“That’s a perceived problem not an actual problem. That’s like saying it’s a problem that music stores want you to pay money for instruments, and that studios want you to pay money to record. We are willing to pay for the things we need to do our craft, advertising is one of those things. Facebook is the best advertising platform on the internet and it’s value is currently way under priced but we are so caught up on complaining that for a short window of time we got to use some of it’s ability for free. Facebook has given us as independents the ability to reach whatever audience we want and has taken out the need to higher our own publicists. Most of us are so caught up on complaining about what Facebook used to do that we are not willing to look at what we can do. All it takes is a little bit of research on how to best use Facebooks advertising platform. I recommend a steady diet of Gary Vaynerchuk. If you want this same sort of free reach on what you are creating you have to be an early adopter on every platform that comes out and hope that one of them creates the same kind of viralness that Facebook did. That’s more work then I have seen any of my creatives willing to do. The best way to use both a “profile” and a “page” is to share out what you post on your business, band, art, “page” on your PERSONAL “profile”. If the people that are important to you see you sharing things that are important to you as a person they are more likely to give it a look. If you are using a “profile” as a business page people will tune it out. Everyone hates being sold to when it’s obvious that’s what you are doing. On the other hand we are hungry and easily convinced to like, follow, or buy something if we don’t feel like we are being sold and it’s comes from a genuine place. Using our personal “profiles” is one way to make what we are putting out to the world feel more genuine. I agree using both “pages” and “profiles” are important for grass roots advertising. It’s how they are used that is missing.”