Why Every Musician Should Drive For Lyft.

It’s really simple. It’s because of the schedule. To be a performing musician you have to be available for when gigs happen. It’s often the case that what a performer makes off of their live performances is not enough to sustain them, so they need other means to make money. I believe driving for Lyft is a great solution to that problem. You never have to ask off or for someone to cover your shift. If you decide to tour you can leave and come back to it at anytime. Even if you don’t have a car you can use cars provided by the platform through there Express Drive program. You are also not stuck at a job for when inspiration strikes. You can turn off that app at any time and write or record your musical ideas whenever you like. You can also turn on the app at any time there is always someone who needs a Lyft!!! 24/7/365!!! Check it out and sign up with this referral code ZIM200 and get a bonus from Lyft. Bonuses very depending on area.

If you have questions and want a practical example of what it’s like driving for Lyft feel free to ask me and/or watch these video’s! I have been documenting my rideshare experience.

If you dedicate the time to it you can make easy $150-$250 Friday, Saturdays and Sundays per day that’s putting in 8–12 app hours. Weekdays 8–12 app hours can get you between $100-$200. It veries depending on market.

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