Jeroen W. Mantel is a Dutch photographer with a huge track record in fashion photography. He works for clients like Elle and Tommy Hilfiger. We made a video about him where he tells his story and where you can see him in full action WITH his famous eye patch! Enjoy!

Jeroen W. Mantel got into photography because of a clear “God moment”. He asked a friend if he could take a picture with his camera. Once he held the camera and looked through the lens he thought “this is what I need to do”. …

Robin Nas alias Zenk One is a versatile artist who creates illustrations, paintings, graphic design and beautiful, impressive murals. He started off his career by drawing shoes and heroes from comic books when he was young: “When I was at primary school I drew a lot and that’s when I first got in touch with graffiti and illustration.”

In 2005 Zenk One set up his studio in Breda and over the years he has worked for an impressive amount of clients from all over the world. His work is a mix of realistic and graphical elements, creating interesting compositions. …

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An art and production company which also likes to organize events to inspire, foster conversations and promote art & its creators. We do so for more than 40yrs.

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