If you had never had an idea that you are doing something wrong in you life take a notebook and make notes during reading this article.

The point is that if you are not there, where you want, this tension is true about you. You are working from 9 to 5 every day or spending all your free time just watching TV or making some other things that don't take you closer to your dream-life and whining about your present life every day? You consider that, for example, economical situation in your country don't let you be rich? Stop it, okay? Only you can make decisions and decide what your life can look like.

Let me explain. Imagine country with low-economical and social level, where every citizen works 8 hours a day and every minute is planning what TV show he is going to watch after work. And nobody even thinks about making life better. How this country will be look like in 10 years? Disgustingly. Now, imagine, that every human, who is living there will start self-education and begin to plan the ideal life? Not much will change. And now imagine that every citizen of this country will start doing something great. Imagine how country will be look like!

The same with your life. You can't just keep sitting and dreaming about good life. You have to do something. But if you don't know what exactly to do all your actions will be useless.

So how to understand your mission? The answer is simple: try. You have to try so many subjects; you have to try to go in so many ways to find out what is your vocation. Let's just remember Grant Cardone. He was doing so many things before he found out that his passion is selling.

What about you? What do you like to do in your life? Just write down this activity to your notebook. Then try to imagine what your life will be look like if you would do it every single day, if you would master this skill. Probably, try to imagine how much money you can earn doing it. And will you meet happiness if you will have it done? That's not easy, yeah? If you don't know the exact answer, just try doing different things until you realize that you are happy. It will help, I promise.

Thank you for reading!

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