Nowadays people, who study in universities or even at schools, try to do their best to get good marks and to pass all exams. They learn chemistry and physics while they are dreaming about being journalists; they learn biology and maths while their passion is graphic design. How it is even possible?

The answer is simple: education kills uour potential. Just try to imagine, how your life would change if you, for example, would stop learning school subjects and would start developing your main skills? You study law, while you want to become a scientist; you study chemistry, but your dream is to build a million-dollar company. Why so many successful people gave up schools? Because they relized, that they were born for something great. 
Schools and universities grow wage-earners. But those, who have great plans should understand that schools won’t give them any responsibilities to achieve success.
I don’t let you give up schools or universities after reading this digest. I just want you to start developing skills and increase your knowledge in subjects that will take you closer to your goals.
So stop wasting time and start f*cking executing: learn and take actions!
Thanks for reading!

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