One of the greatest problems nowadays is laziness. It hinders people to start something or to continue executing. If you will overcome laziness, you will overcome your fear and your life will be much better.

So, at first, what the laziness is? That's the feeling we feel when we don't have enough motivation or even inspiration to do something new. Laziness is a kind of fear, I think, because when we are afraid of something, it means that we have to it, it means that we are going the right way. And when we feel laziness about doing something, we know that consequences will make our life different and we are going to change something. But we don't do. Because of laziness.
So, to overcome laziness we should make ourselves busy. That's only one way I think. When you are lying on your bed finding the reason of not doing something stand up and just do it! Remember that the way you spend your days you will spend your life. So start doing, make yourself busy, visualise your dream and laziness will quit your life!
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