This is for us

Reflecting after writing this today…

It would be amazing if I had the freedom to travel and explore and write about my experiences.

I could write about being stuck in the airport and finding a sink to get water to take my meds. I could write about how CrossFit and healthy living help TREMENDOUSLY with my eating disorder (that I still like to pretend doesn’t exist 10 years later). I could write about all the shit that’s in my head that I never had time to write about and share it with people like me. People who are sitting in their offices feeling like something is wrong with and finding my writing, telling them that they’re ok. Telling them to speak up for themselves, be their own advocate. It doesn’t seem like the government is going to do anything any time soon so we need to speak up for ourselves.

We need to tell people that we have illnesses and we deserve fair treatment, without having to check a box on a job application. We can be our own therapists, best friends, and lobbyists, and we be do the same for each other. We don’t have to hide in the bathroom or under the covers. We can feel safe and comfortable outside of our homes. We can fight back against our illnesses and the stigma that surrounds them. But we need our weapons to fight back. We need our headphones, our hair ties, and our meds. But even more so, we need self-love. We need to love ourselves despite what our illnesses and society tell us. We need to believe that we’re ok, and if we’re not then we will be some day. We need to keep fighting and never, ever give up. We need to be ok with ourselves because while the world may never be, at least we’ll be. And that’s really what matters.