Why Self-Care is really important today

It’s been a tough few weeks in the World and today’s result in the UK could make some feel a total loss of hope. Here’s some love for those feeling dread.

A massacre of the LGBT+ community, an assassination of a progressive politician, a world on the brink and now a Leave result declared in Britain. You could be forgiven for losing all hope but don’t and take a moment to look after yourself today by taking some of these steps:

  1. Take breaks from Social Media

Right now all your social media feeds are in negative overdrive, people are scared, people are angry and you’re feeling addicted to that pain. Stop scrolling and take frequent breaks and even turn the phone off to rest your mind.

2. Surround yourself with supportive people

Being among your people in person is so important right now. Collectivism breeds hope.

3. Get Sleep

Those of you that have been up all night need to rest, the longer you go without sleep the more you will emotionally unravel. Even if you’ve not been up all night, take a nap and chill.

4. Drink Water

Stop the coffee dude, put down the scotch — it’s making you jittery as fuck and you know lack of water effects mental well-being. Drink water frequently, it is your friend.

5. Take a moment of mindfulness

I use a little app called ‘Headspace’ which is a mindfulness course that will help you hit the breaks on all the internal dialogue. The first 10 sessions are free. Another great source are free podcasts from Tara Brach — a source I recommend to all chumrades feeling the bite.

6. Join HOPE not hate’s “WE STILL BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER” post EU Ref campaign

The legendary campaign group continue help bring people together through the power of HOPE. It might be what you need right now. Click here to sign up.

Above all else, don’t lose hope because hope, my friends, hope always prevails.

David Braniff-Herbert

Written by

Award-Winning Equality & Trade Union Organiser // National Organiser for LGBT+ and Digital Organising at the National Education Union. www.twitter.com/the_dbh

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