The Economist’s US editor on how we’re covering this year’s race for the White House

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I am fascinated by American political history and have been doing a bit of digging into our archives in the run-up to launching a new podcast. The Economist’s first lead story on a US election appeared on Saturday November 30th 1844. The newspaper expressed “agreeable surprise” at the victory of “the free trade American president” James Polk. The 2020 presidential election will be our 45th, but this will be the first one with its own dedicated podcast, “Checks and Balance”, which we launched on January 24th.

A presidential election is a long and transparent process to choose the world’s most powerful person. This election promises to be one of the most absorbing and consequential in recent memory. Some 139 million Americans took part last time around, but that still leaves 98% of the world’s population looking on rather nervously to find out what American voters have in store for them. The Economist’s team of staff writers in America and abroad will explain what is going on in America and why it matters so much elsewhere. We are opinionated and sometimes spikey, but our views are always based on rigorous reporting. …


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