So you’re telling me the thesis of a piece called “The Truth of Having a Fuck Off Fund: It’s a…
Jay Sun

I think the editors chose to run this piece (and you’re right, the thesis is not very clear) in an attempt to forestall the criticism that these “fuck-off-fund” stories are just stories of accumulation by people who realized they need to save money and have the means to do so. I’ve been confused about why the original story became so popular, especially because it came with the implicit assumption that women are dumb and expect others to take care of them, and don’t particularly like this series.

I don’t think what the author is trying to say warrants your degree of snark, however. She’s simply pointing out that some marginalized groups she’s a part of — LGBT, minorities — often have barriers that prevent them from saving money, and that your average undocumented housecleaner would be equally incredulous at the idea of a fuck-off fund as you are. Whom, exactly, would they tell to “fuck off”? It’s not a particularly unique thesis but a reasonable one.

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