Travelling to Provence

My last trip was to Provence in the south of France. the house was very nice but the owner was not very professional. He over charged my father. There was a place nearby where you could get fresh eggs and see the chickens. There was a very nice pool and we could play soccer .Very nearby there was a Fig tree that you could pick figs from. There was very nice view. Bandol is a town that is by the sea and has a market. that you can buy a lot of things. You should go to the market. And in the house there was a great ping pong table.

Our second house we went to was even better it had a lots of space to run and play. There was boule. And a very nice swimming pool. There was a pizza oven and there were cool upstairs and down stairs. there were bikes that you could use. But the best thing of all was that the baker came to your house in the morning with croussants, pain au chocolate and great bread. And it was close to the village of st remy de provence. It is very nice, you should go there.

Les Beaux is a beautiful medival town. We saw catapults, weapons, slingshots, armer, and a battering ram. You should go there as well.

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