The Lego Movie: Everything is Awesome

Wow. That was unexpected. Some may have assumed this was a movie meant to be used as a product promotion and nothing more. Surely nothing substantial. But the creative team of Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have created a animated masterpiece.

First off, this movie is colorful. Neon pinks and blues fill the stage, oranges and yellows burn bright, and the greens are crisp. The animation is beautiful. The film takes uses a technique that blurs the line between stop motion animation and computer generated imagery. It gives the film a sense that these toys are not only given life, but they are moving as if they are played by children. I still cannot tell if the animators actually built the huge Lego sets for the movie or are they backdrops created by computer simulation.

The story itself appears to be quite simple: a hero is given a prophecy that he must defeat the big bad and save the day. While the plot seems barebones, it soon reveals itself to be a touching story of finding individuality in a world of conformity, the search for the “special”. The writing is equal parts juvenile and genius, with the comedic timing right on every mark. The Lego Movie succeeds in capturing a bit of that Pixar magic, filling their film with jokes that appeal to every demographic. Children and adults can all enjoy this approachable comedy. Everyman, Emmett (Pratt) is an ordinary construction worker who finds that destiny is glued to his back. Wildstar (Banks) iis the rebellious angsty love interest. Vitruvious (Freeman) is the mystical mentor, Batman (Arnett) is, comically, a huge tool, and Good Cop/Bad Cop (Neeson) and Lord Business (Ferrell) make an extremely funny evil duo. The synergy between all of the actors is spectacular, probably because even they are all having fun while doing it.

The Lego Movie is a great movie. Its funny, entertaining, and masterful at every turn. And, it has a killer theme song. People will not forget this one for years to come. 9/10.

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