Morning Anxiety

This is not an ideal topic for the first blog of my page, but i just wanted to start today, and wait for the perfect moment or story.

Lately, I’m getting sort of feeling of getting panic or anxious over nothing.

I sweat awful lot, there is this funny feeling in my stomach and its like I’m scared of my own self.

Maybe its because I decided to go on some different path in my life, or maybe its just a phase. I just wanted to type something today. Maybe these anxious mornings are worth if I am right to head the “less Traveled” road. I’m making sort of a film, but somewhere I think my society is not ready for it yet. And although I’ve gathered enough people for this, but this is just the warm up. The finish line is yet to come. So far away.

but today I’m happy i pushed the publish button for the first time…

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