A letter to my best friend’s boyfriend.

I love her as much as you do.

First of all, congratulations on finding a great catch. She’s super smart, beautiful, extraordinarily talented and crazily lovable. A full package as you call it. I have already started to envy you as the flow of messages I received from her daily has significantly reduced since you entered her life. But that’s okay. I’m cool with whatever makes her happy.

Trust me, if you by any chance give a hint on social media celebrating your togetherness, a lot of boys are going to be heart-broken. I have lived with her for three years and she was the number one crush of all our campus superstars, sports stars, fashion icons and class toppers. She had a good mix of all sorts of guys coming behind her from various countries and asking her out. In fact, the few guys I liked also ended up asking her. She politely refused them all. She knew better.

She was also showered with expensive gifts and flowers on all her birthdays in the university. Her surprise birthdays were all carefully planned months in advance, letters beautifully crafted, cards handmade. Each one trying to impress her in the best possible way. So you can imagine how special she was for all. Yet she was never driven by them. She set us all an example how graceful a woman could be.

Secondly, she’s equally lucky to have you! Although I have never met you in person, I can imagine what kind of a guy you are to finally win her heart. You must be freaking awesome. I already have heard so much about you and you do sound like Mr. Right. Elusive to the ordinary. Reached only by the extraordinary.

Finally as you both promise to commit and enter this beautiful world of love, you both will be investing a lot of time and effort on each other. For the first time, you will be (almost) fully responsible for someone else’s happiness.

I can also assure you that she’s never boring. I have lived with her for three years in the same room and she’s the most lovable and ‘livable’ person I’ve met.

So here comes the purpose of this letter and also my most humble request to you. Please don’t break her heart. You should know that there’s never a so called winner in a break-up. You both lose. You both will lose a significant part of your lives. Trust me if you can’t carry on with her, you won’t be able to carry on with any other girl. She’s a diamond. Treasure it. Treat her right and I’ll be your biggest fan.

Congratulations once again! You’re going to have the best time of your life in the days ahead. She’s not just another pretty face. She’s a girl on fire and she’s up for any challenge. You name it. Chatting and dates bore her. Take her on an adventure and you’ll see her truest self like a duck takes to water.

Alright I don’t wanna take much of your time.

Take care of my girl.


Her best friend.