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Mural in Tel Aviv by the African Refugee Women’s Collective and public street artist Mia Schon. Photo by Antoine Merour on Unsplash

By Alice Sachrajda & Thomas Coombes

How can civil society groups and charities apply narrative work in practice? Based on our work with migration groups in the UK during the pandemic, we believe a crucial step is more narrative synergy between organisations that share the same values. Scroll right to the end for practical steps and more information about how you can get involved in collective narrative change.

Have you ever looked closely at a detailed painting and then slowly stepped back to see the picture take shape and come alive before your eyes? It’s a magical feeling when the smaller component parts complement each other and align to create a unified whole. …

High lachrymosity alert! Few of these ads and videos will leave you with dry eyes, but all of them will send you into the new year feeling inspired. Often coming from surprising sources, these videos touched hearts and souls this year.

2019 was a big year for me as I left my job to set up hope-based communications. …

How do you tell surprising, powerful stories for social change to a global audience that respect and empower both subject and the viewer?

For me, the job of a human rights communicator is to create empathy for other humans in my audience. You need to get attention for the story, but also let people tell their story themselves. How do you get the balance right?

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To answer that question, Catherine Murphy and I, together with many great colleagues across the Amnesty International movement, produced these Living Guidelines for Ethical Communications earlier this year, and made them public on the organization’s website. …


Thomas Coombes

Founder, Hope-based comms. Human rights strategist. Blogging about world literature in my spare time.

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