Fate of a Promise, Path of Despair, True Love Relinquished, Destiny Unclear

My How the Snow Falls likes the Pained Tears I Shed to Cover the Truth of Betrayal at Hand .So I stand now alone With My Torment I Embrace Its Cool Touch as the Vail of Darkness Ever So Quietly Surrounds Me.

So I Stand Now and Cry out A Name Forbidden with the Hope of My Love Return to Me Salvation .So I stand Now No More Shall I Take Shame This I My Life That I Will to Be Saved .It Takes True Courage to Live Than To Die I Shall Not Surrender to Deaths Unholy Temptation .I Whisper My Vengeance put unwillingly in This Place Going to Show Them All The Strength in Me the Pure Will Take over Defeating the Unclear .Look Up and Look Out Consumed By the Velvet Night Sky Believe In the Unforgiving.

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