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What liberal dudes who call other liberals “race baiters” will never understand is that pointing out inequality is not a personal attack on them.

I understand the sense of exhaustion that you probably feel. It is so exhausting. I am tired as hell of pride marches. And things are starting to change. They are. But there is more to be done.

It’s been a year-ish since gays have had the same marriage rights as straight people. And who knows if that will be rolled back somehow with this Pence guy.

You’re tired of hearing it. I understand. But we’re kinda tired of living it too. You know? And I know you don’t need a lecture. And that maybe you’ve got a gay friend who totally agrees with you about how annoying it is. But it’s still a thing.

Maybe there should be a new packaging for it so as not to alienate guys like yourself. But what would you suggest it be?

I have this conversation with my brother all the time. He’s sick and tired of hearing how women can’t get ahead and all his managers are women. He’s sick of hearing about impoverished minorities when he sees as many of them getting ahead as he or any of his white guy friends. He sucked it up and voted for Hillary but he’s over hearing about how the white man is oppressing everyone. He is still in Minnesota, a place neither of us ever thought would be a swing state this year. But I do see the shifting tide.

There has to be a way to not step on your sensitivities without throwing out a platform of inclusion. Right?

I mean, do you think republicans are going to help the middle class become more prosperous? Not that the democrats have, but they’ve had a congress that simply obstructed any attempt at a jobs bill. From infrastructure improvements to alternative energy initiatives that might create jobs for them.

And add to that the republicans are now aligning with anti-everybody who doesn’t agree with their vision making America great again. It’s scary.

Let’s work together. Not eat each other.

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