The 1 Quote that Truly set me Free

( .. and feeling )

Ever wondered about your purpose in life?

Chances are every one of us has.

At some point.

At many points.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately?) this question has been on my mind from a very young age. As young as 10. It went more along the lines of -

“What’s the point of all this anyway? In the end, we all die.”

I could not understand the point of scholarly pursuits, the physical and mental exertions of forming and maintaining relationships, the mundane everyday routine of living. Nothing seemed justified in the face of certain eventual death.

“What’s the point??”

I moved with a similar sentiment all through my teenage years and early youth. Never really fitting into the setting. Because everyone around me seemed content with their default setting. And the few who were kind enough to entertain my question— like some of my teachers and mentors — always had the same reply:

“Life is not about your Destination, it is about the Journey. You can’t enjoy the Journey if you keep stressing about the Destination.”

I’m sure it made perfect sense to them.

It sounded like absolute rubbish to me.

At least at that time, it did. What was this “Journey” and “Destination” that they talked about? Who was Driving? Was Death the Destination?

And again, what was the point?

They also kept throwing around this other popular one.

“It’s about Finding your Purpose.”


Finding my Purpose. My Calling. The Answer.

This one set me on a constant search for the Answer. “If only I could find my Purpose! Then all of this would make sense! I would finally find the ‘Point’ of it all!” I kept telling myself as I begrudgingly dragged on through each day.

(Notice how I capitalized the ‘p’ in ‘Purpose’ and ‘Point’? Yeah, that’s how bad it got!)

The weight of the years wore me down; the years of living a hollow meaningless life. On the inside, I had completely broken down — emotionally, physically and spiritually. I constantly suffered from severe bouts of depression. The façade I put on for the outside world was on it’s last ounce of strength. Another deep sigh and it would crack for sure.

And it was at this point in my life, I found the words I most needed.

Or rather, the words found me.

I do not remember where I read them or how they came to me. Or the exact wording. But it went something like this -

“The Point of Life, is not to Find your Purpose, but to Build it.”

(It may sound like absolute rubbish to some. But it made perfect sense to me.)

I experienced a paradigm shift like never before.

It was like my shackles had come undone; a truly liberating experience.

For the first time in my life — I was free!

For you see, no longer was I bound to find this elusive Purpose.. this ‘Point of it all’.. that promised to breathe meaning into my life. I could build my very own Purpose! From scratch! How many ever times over as needed!

It didn’t need to be all grand and inspiring either. It could be something as simple as “Taking a walk in the woods and admiring the flowers.” As long as it made me happy. (And did not stand in the way of anyone’s pursuit of happiness.)

I had the whole universe at my disposal and my whole life ahead, to build this up as I pleased! It was the first time ever in my life that I truly started looking forward to the next day. And suddenly, all the pieces fit now, (beautifully too, might I add). To quote Sanderson- “Journey before Destination”. Indeed! (Talk about a plot twist.)

It has been a few years since my epiphany. I still have questions, just different ones. I think of them as me levelling up in life. The questions now get trickier (and the answers simpler, I notice). And my pursuit of answers, through my everyday life, lead me to hard and happy times alike. But I always find my grounding in those words that spoke to my truth and set me free.

Free, to pursue my next quest(ion) and level up.

Free, to realize my truths and build my purpose.

Free, to grow and to love.

Free, to look forward to each day.




~ your friendly neighborhood word wielder!

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Manfrid Reed

Manfrid Reed

~ your friendly neighborhood word wielder!

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