7 Benefits to Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

More than 60% of companies that outsource business services do so in Europe. Here are 7 factors that make outsourcing in Eastern Europe a savvy, cost-effective choice.

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  1. Growing labor market
  2. English proficiency
  3. Cultural similarities
  4. Access to innovation
  5. Nearshore proximity
  6. Cost cutting

1. Skilled Talent Pool

Today’s companies benefit from the former Soviet Union’s emphasis on education. The university system in CEE is robust, affordable, and specializes in skills such as engineering and science.

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2. Growing Labor Market

An expanding job market is the legacy of decades of quality education in CEE. Within these low-cost economies, labor costs are minimal, while skilled workers are plentiful. As a result, the AT Kearney Global Service Location Index 2017 ranks Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic as the best options for outsourcing in Europe.

3. English Proficiency

Much can get lost in translation with offshore outsourcing partners. English is spoken widely in CEE, so you can expect the common language helps to ensure more efficient and effective vendor partnerships.

4. Cultural Similarities

Partnerships with CEE vendors enjoy a cultural overlap. These countries share an adjacent history to the West, one marked by technological progress.

5. Access to Innovation

The potential for innovation is a key reason to outsource in CEE.

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6. Nearshore Convenience

The proximity of CEE eases day-to-day operations for all concerned.

7. Cost Cutting

The average salary in CEE is low; yet, the quality of work isn’t. As a result, outsourcing to CEE can save American businesses as much as 40%. Seen below, Accelerance shows the higher cost of in-house versus outsourced developers.

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  • Central Europe: $54–64/hr
  • Balkans: $45/hr

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe in 2018

CEE allow businesses to outsource high-level work and cut costs without sacrificing quality.

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