First airdrop for Moonsama holders

Dear Moonsama holders and our beloved community, you could’ve heard from various sources that, in parallel to our efforts of spreading the word on this project and $MOVR ecosystem in general, the Moonsama team has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Most of you already heard that soon sthey will be launching a game which will be focusing on bringing more adoption to the Moonsama ecosystem while benefiting MSAMA holders.

As a first benefit you will be seeing as a Moonsama NFT holder you will get an airdrop which is directly connected to the game that will be launched soon..

Moonsama holders up for a vote

This surprise airdrop reserved for $MSAMA holders is going for a vote to all Moonsama holders, as a sign that the community is one of their biggest assets the ecosystem and a proof that they want the $MSAMA holders to steer the direction of the project by on-chain governance!

On Friday 1st of October (exact time not published yet), a community vote related to upcoming airdrop will start with chance fo all holders to vote. To put it simple, you will be asked: “Do you want the airdrop to your wallet?”

Voting will only be available to holders of Moonsama NFT(s) and it will be live for at least 48h. One important thing to note is that only wallets which take the vote will be eligible for the exclusive airdrop, which is why I advise all MSAMA holders to take the opportunity and vote on the airdrop proposal.

Few technicalities on the voting process

If you are a Moonsama holder, few things need to be checked and some prerequisites completed for you to be able to participate in the voting process.

First of all, you have to have at least one MSAMA NFT in your wallet to be able to cast a vote. If you have a sell offer on the marketplace, your MSAMA is locked in the contract until you cancel the offer, which makes you ineligible for the vote. In that case you should cancel the sell offer, cast the vote and reinitiate the offer.

Regarding the vote count, 1 MSAMA = 1 vote. So if you have multiple MSAMAs in your wallet, you will be able to vote once but your vote will weigh the number of MSAMAs you hold. Same rule apply for the airdrop, if you have multiple MSAMAs, you will get multiple airdrops compared to holders of a single MSAMA.

For vote to pass, more than 50% of votes have to be in favour of the given proposal, otherwise the proposal fails. That is the only requirement for a successful vote and it is not important how many of the MSAMAs take their voting chance as long as majority of them votes for the airdrop.

How to vote

If you hold MSAMA which is not locked in a sell offer, then you can head over to our voting page You should connect your wallet on the top right cornet of the page and then click the Join button on the left side of the page, where you can see Moonsama project and number of wallets joined.

After clicking join you will have to sign the transaction with you wallet to confirm you are the owner (no cost involved) and after that is complete you will be able to see your wallet as part of the group (picture below).

Now you are able to vote on the running proposals and get rewarded for your contribution on the Moonsama governance.

Voting on the proposal

To cast your vote, simply open the given proposal, pick your choice and sign the transaction (no cost involved). If the voting is not live yet you will only be able to see the demo voting which was used to test the system.

Once again, all of you who hold Moonsamas are encouraged to vote so we can one more time show how strong of a community we are!


I am not part of the Moonsama team and this article is my effort to help building a strong community and take Moonsamas to the moon. If you have any suggestion feel free to reach out to telegram through Moonsama group or over twitter. Any proposals, corrections and feedback are more than welcome!

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