the future of learning…

is not only about the how and the what, but most of all, the why.

In recent months there have been a lot of publications, reports, articles about the future of learning.

This is nothing new. For the last decades the headline has been the same. The future of learning and what the main pillars of the future approach are (whatever that approach is about).

But when we look around us, we wonder what this future of learning will bring.

Will we spend full days or more in zoom video conferencing?

Will there be new titles…

One of the most quoted sentences on agile transformation originates from Reid Hoffmann, co-founder of LinkedIn: „If you’re not ashamed of the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.“

Today’s world of the social media — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn — is a world, in which we present ourselves as being successful. Here, the perfect dinner, the perfect selfie (no wrinkles and pimples), the perfect event, the happy and contented people of a kick off for agile transformation, all our successes and our perfections are only too gladly displayed (and yes, I explicitly include myself here). This world grasps…

In a Dynamic-Action-Learning situation, a facilitator is likely to face a major challenge:

On the one hand, he/she must ensure that an atmosphere and learning environment is created in which judgements, evaluations, giving answers and knowing the right solutions is replaced by observations, questions, vulnerability and trust. And this should not only be the case for the group of participants, but even more so for the coaching/facilitation team.

On the other hand, this leads to the question of where you as a coach/facilitator can gain self-confidence, self-assurance and the feeling of added value.

Usually we tend to gain self-confidence by…

Online Dynamic-Action-Learning transforms learning into problem-solving

By theMission Co-Founder, Guido Schnarwiler & Dynamic-Action-Learning Expert Markus Rettich

We live in special times. But it is not only since the spread of the corona virus that Learning & Development experts have been thinking about how leadership and employee development can become more purposeful and highly effective, so that learning creates an impact in and for the business. Online Dynamic Action Learning offers an innovative and robust approach to this.

A short history of Action Learning

The birth of Action Learning coincides with a tragic historical event: the sinking of the Titanic in…

By theMission Co-Founder, Matthias Klein

Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

My nephew had been struggling a lot in school in his final class of middle school. Especially in mathematics. His parents and grandparents -my mother- have tried everything to support him: doing homework together, listening and being empathic, putting pressure on, spending hours practicing every day. But nothing really helped. He didn’t make any progress in his mathematical skills.

It seemed almost the more his environment tried to support him, the more difficult It was for him to recollect the things he learned. Not to speak about applying what he had tried to learn. We…


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